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ServerSleeper lets your server sleep when nobody is playing. That would save resources fully automatically and it also saves your wallet and the earth by saving energy!


  • SAVE MONEY & ENERGY! The server sleeps when nobody is playing to save CPU Resources & Energy.
  • FAST-LOGIN! You will not feel the difference to a normal server. (requires the activation of Fast-Login in the Config)
  • SERVERPING-CHECKER! The sleep-mode can be deactivated immediately when a player pings the server.
  • CRONJOBS! Let your server sleep at certain times, whenever you want! (Out of the box!)
  • CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING! All small details can be edited in the config.
  • NO LAGS! Extremely efficient programming! Virtually no server resources are required! No lags - guaranteed!
  • RELOAD RESISTANT! The plugin is not affected in its function by a "reload" and can handle it without problems.
  • UPDATE CHECKER! Get a notification as soon as a new update is available!


  • Java 8 (or higher)
  • Spigot Server
  • TubeTils (Installs automatically)


You can download it here:

For the download, ServerSleeper must be purchased beforehand. A account is required, including PayPal for payment.