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Permissions are used by AntiCooldown mainly for commands, so only authorised players can use them and thus change settings.

Since AntiCooldown v4, it is also possible to activate general permissions support in the config, so that players need the permissions listed here for individual functions.


Command Type Permission
/anticooldown Main-Command -
/anticooldown help Help-Command anticooldown.settings
/anticooldown listDisabledWorlds Info-Command anticooldown.settings
/anticooldown enableWorld Settings-Command anticooldown.settings
/anticooldown disableWorld Settings-Command anticooldown.settings



By default, it is not necessary to assign permissions! The assignment of permissions is only necessary if permission support has been activated in the Config.

Feature Description Permission
Cooldown Changes All types of cooldown changes. If permission support is enabled, it is required that the player has this permission, otherwise no cooldown change will be active for the player. anticooldown.cooldown
Combat Sounds This deactivates the new combat sounds for the player anticooldown.combatsounds
Sweep Attack This deactivates the sweep attack, which means that no other mobs in the vicinity suffer damage. It also deactivates the particles. anticooldown.sweepattack
Custom Item Damage If the player is holding an item that has custom damage defined in the config, the damage of the item is overwritten with the damage defined in the config. anticooldown.customitemdamage
Enderpearl Cooldown Allows the player to shoot enderpearls without ccooldown. anticooldown.enderpearlcooldown
Player Collisions This disables player collisions so that you can run through them. anticooldown.collisions