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AntiCooldown does what the name already says - it deactivates the PvP Cooldown according to your needs on your server! Enjoy all the new features of the new version and the old PvP system together without compromise with AntiCooldown!


  • PVP COOLDOWN REMOVAL! Removes the PvP-Cooldown that exists since 1.9.
  • OLD WEAPON DAMAGE! Can easily overwrite the damage of all weapons and tools at any time, without NBT editing!
  • REMOVES SWEEP ATTACK! Can remove the Sweep-Attack and does not harm other mobs in the immediate vicinity!
  • DISABLE NEW ATTACK SOUNDS! The newly added attack sounds can be deactivated. 1.8 feeling guaranteed!
  • REMOVE ATTACK PARTICLES! The new attack particles (including the sweep attack particles) can be removed.
  • CUSTOM ITEM DAMAGE! Damage can be overwritten for each item, including the new Netherite tools and weapons!
  • ITEM RESTRICTION! The cooldown can be temporarily deactivated for items. It can also be used as a whitelist so that only the cooldown of these items is deactivated.
  • PLACEHOLDERS! AntiCooldown offers placeholders for the PlaceholderAPI, with which the cooldown status of players or the world can be displayed.
  • WORLD TOGGLE! It is possible to select for each world whether AntiCooldown is active in it or not.
  • PERMISSIONS SYSTEM! There is a large permission system available which can be activated. This means that features can be enabled/disabled individually for each player/group.
  • BYPASS PERMISSIONS! Deactivated worlds should be ignored? Simply activate the bypass and give the permissions to a player!
  • YOUR SERVER, YOUR RULES! Change messages, adjust values and more. Everything in the config file can be customized.
  • INGAME SETTINGS! Toggle worlds directly ingame without tediously editing the config and restarting/reload the server!
  • NO LAGS! Extremely efficient programming! Virtually no server resources are required! No lags - guaranteed!
  • NO REFLECTIONS! We do not use reflections, so as a rule: AntiCooldown can also be used in new versions without an update.
  • RELOAD RESISTANT! The plugin is not affected in its function by a "reload" and can handle it without problems.
  • LIVE UPDATING! A world full of players and the cooldown should be deactivated right now in there? No problem! All settings (ingame settings) will be applied directly LIVE!
  • UPDATE CHECKER! Get a notification as soon as a new update is available!


  • Java 8 (or higher)
  • A Bukkit/Spigot Server
  • TubeTils (Installs automatically)
  • ProtocolLib (optional)


You can download it here on